AD Drones Service

The use of UAV’s are becoming more and more widespread as industries across a wide variety of backgrounds become more aware of the drones versatility and ability to produce crystal clear, 4k High definition images and video using onboard camera.


Our Drones

We operate a fleet of Phantom 4 Pro Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV’s) or Drones for short.

Our state of the art vehicles have the latest technology to ensure a smooth and safe flight with 4k Video to ensure the clearest photographs and video to make sure you never miss a thing.

The UAV’s boast several Intelligent Flight Modes which mean that the pilot can spend more time on ensuring that the clearest, crispest images and 4k High resolution images are gathered

Why use AB Drones 

Our UAV’s can deliver quick, cost effective and, above all, safe solutions to many problems. No need to hire scaffolding or Cherry Pickers, no need to put employees in potentially dangerous situations .

Let AB Drones fully qualified commercial pilots do the heavy lifting for you.

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